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If You Face Any Issues Then Go Through Detailed NBA Live Mobile Game Troubleshooting Guide!

NBA live mobile game has some minor troubleshooting glitches and in order to resolve them out it would be ideal to use our troubleshooting tips. These tips are designed by experienced candidates of the game and they are fully aware of the methods to resolve minor and major troubleshooting errors. Playing exceptional NBA live mobile game is a real treat for the true basketball lovers but still there are some troubleshooting errors that will lead to disappointment. Before getting deep into the tips, it is worth to discuss a little about NBA live mobile game. NBA live mobile game doesn’t need any introduction. It is a perfect gift for the individuals who love to follow NBA events.

Yes, being GM of your desired franchise and building a strong team is a massive task but still there are many ways to achieve it. We have already shared out many quality tips that will assist in building a strong team but there are some individuals who are tired of facing minor troubleshooting errors. Already game developers continue to work on the game and trying hard to remove many glitches, but still, as a true follower of the game, you must be aware of impressive NBA Live Mobile Hack Game Troubleshooting Tips.

Missing Or Unlinked Account

In order to sort out missing or unlinked account error, you are required to tap the settings icon. The second step is to tap link which is the next option to link account. After completing the two steps you need to tap logout. When you reach the SELECT AN Account screen, you need to choose the account that you have been using for the NBA to live mobile game. Nothing complicated at all when it comes to linking your account or find out the missing one. In general, players do panic when they see their account missing. Ideally, they need to follow the troubleshooting tips mentioned here and sort out all the troubles.

How to link your NBA live mobile account to Facebook?

There are many players worldwide who like to link their NBA live mobile account to Facebook but not able to do that due to one reason or other.  If you want to link your NBA live mobile account to Facebook, you need to tap the settings icon present on the top right of your mobile screen. The second step is to tap link just next to your link accounts and then tap link just next to Facebook. In the end, you must Log-in to your Facebook account. These steps are pretty easy but on many occasions, players don’t follow them carefully and not able to link their gaming account to Facebook. It is extreme fun indeed when your gaming accounts are connected to Facebook as you will get all the latest updates instantly and socialize while playing the game.

How To Unlink Your NBA live mobile account from Facebook?

We have already mentioned out the tips that help in linking your NB A live mobile account to Facebook but on many occasions, players desire to unlink the account. Certainly, we do have the tips to unlink your account from Facebook. First of all, you need to tap the settings icon present on your mobile screen. After tapping the settings icon, you must tap Unlink option that is placed next to link accounts. The third crucial step is to tap Unlink next to Facebook and in end, you need to Log in your Facebook account in order to complete the entire process.

How to delete NBA Live mobile game from your facebook account?

Deleting NBA live mobile game from your Facebook is pretty simple as you are just required to log in to your facebook account and click on Settings>Apps. When you reach inside the apps, you will find an NBA live mobile icon and X symbol just next to the game. When you click on the X symbol the NBA live mobile game will be deleted from your Facebook account.  Personally, I will not suggest deleting the game from your Facebook account but still under unavoidable circumstances players can use the mentioned tips.

Purchased item not showing!

On many occasions when you purchase an item, it might show instantly in your gaming account. There is nothing to worry indeed as you are just required to exit the game and restart it. Under extreme circumstances, you might need to turn off your device and restart it but still the restarting game is more than sufficient to get your lost items back.  Losing items are just like losing real money and in order to get out of the trouble, there is a need to use our troubleshooting tips or get in touch with live support offered on the official game website.

Unable to purchase items multiple times

When you play the game, you are only allowed to purchase few rare items multiple times. Across such items, you will find 0/X indicator and if you have already reached the decided limit, the number will appear in red color. Using items in the right manner are extremely crucial and you must be aware of the items that you can purchase multiple times.

NBA live Mobile game troubleshooting tips mentioned here are easy to execute. These tips will get rid of your account and purchase issues in quick time. There are many troubleshooting errors present in the game and in long run we would love to share out some more impressive tips.

There is nothing better than enjoying wonderful NBA live mobile game without any glitches. Surely, the mobile game is most loved by the basketball followers and these minor troubleshooting errors are completely acceptable. Guys, who are dealing with some serious errors, there is a need to approach quality online guides as soon as possible. Make sure, the selected guide is launched by an experienced player who has detailed knowledge about the errors and right ways to sort them out. Finally, impressive NBA live mobile troubleshooting tips have been released and interested players must make most of them.